Charity Gala 2013

Executive ReportNext Generation´s Mobility

 4th Annual Gala of the Austrian Economics Center & Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut

October 16th 2013


For the past four years, the Austrian Economics Center (AEC), in collaboration with the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut and generous local sponsors, has organized an annual contest for Austrian students to focus on specific themes related to the principles of free enterprise and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, to help improve public understanding of economics, the Austrian Economics Center started a program to educate students (11 to 19 years).

The student´s competition was created to link and to rise young people´s attention towards economics. The winners of the competition are publicly presented at the Gala, the same gala where every year outstanding individuals are awarded with the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award (2013 Dambisa Moyo, 2012 Niall Ferguson, 2011 Mario Vargas Llosa). This Award was created to stress the importance of the winner´s contribution and make the young generation acquainted with the work and, to make the students aware of being selfresponsible for their own future.

Finally the winners are invited to take part in the mentee program, which is organized individually to meet their needs. Overall it includes literature packeges, workshops, special trainings, lessons and internships.

The Gala is held in one of Vienna´s most beautiful Palais, the Gartenpalais Liechtenstein. Among our distinguished guests we welcome leading entrepreneurs and business people, as well politicians, journalists and opinion leaders.

Next Generation´s Mobility

The theme of this year’s contest was “mobility creates perspectives”. The contest requirements asked students to submit ideas on how to communicate new and innovative approaches to improving the personal and social mobility of people around the world. Submissions were accepted in any medium (audio, video or text), and the final submissions included podcasts and videos.


These students from Herta Firnberg Schulen created a facebook campaine and reported about it in a video. They are joined here by Leor Phillips, Aristophil (left)and Walter Krahl , Verkehrsbüro RuefaReisen (right), who sponsered the young ladies a trip to Paris to see the Aristophil Museum there. Foto courtesy of Christopher Ohmeyer.

Students from 11 to 19 years of more than 600 schools in Austria had been invited to participate.

The contributions of 83 students were finally selected by a distinguished jury ( Paul Fischer, Fischer Sport; Steven Heinz, Lansdowne Partners; Walter Krahl, CEO RUEFA, Verkehrsbüro; Leor Phillips, Aristophil and Barbara Kolm) out of which 11 were choosen to be awarded.

The winners received generous prizes presented by the projects partners: Cafe+Co International, Volkstheater, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, ÖAMTC, RuefaReisen, Fischer Sports, HOFBURG Vienna, Aristophil , T-mobile and the Vicepresident of the European Parliament Othmar Karas.

The winners of the student´s contest are invited to participate in a menteeprogram. Thanks to entrepreneurs, journalists and scientists who volunteer as mentors, we can provide the young students with workshops and lectures in order to help improving their economic education. For sharing time and expertise we may thank

Manfred Kastner (VisionMicrofinance), Alfred Harl (Harl Consulting), Gerald Steger (Cafe+Co International), Helmut Siller (Beeratung), Florian Vanek (Wiener Börse), Wolfgang Berger (Mondi AG), Klaus Schmid (Capgemini) and Helmut-Klaus Schimany (BieM Austria).


Youngest participant to be awarded Leo Sinaiski and Paul Fischer (Fischer Sports). Foto courtesy of Christopher Ohmeyer.

The AEC project Next Generation including the gala event and the menteeprogram is held under patronage of Federal Minister for Finance Dr. Maria Fekter and Federal Minister for Economics, Family and Youth Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner and is supported by generous individuals and companies:

Doris Felber, Franz Felber & Co GesmbH
Monika Forstinger, Proquest Standort- und Projektentwicklung
Brigitte Jank, Wirtschaftskammer Wien
Franz Hörhager, Mezzanine Management
Othmar Karas, MEP
Manfred Kastner, VisionMicroinance
Hans Kerres, HK Fastfood Vertrieb GmbH
Walter Krahl, Verkehrsbüro RuefaReisen
Christoph Mondl, ÖAMTC
Leor Phillips, Aristophil GmbH
Meinhard Platzer, LGT
Franz Portisch, Erste Bank Group
Gerald Steger, Cafe+Co International
Werner Unger, Hellenic CC
There are many more, who help realizing as well the mentee program as the awarding ceremony, among them:
Helmut Deutsch, director of Gastgewerbefachschule and his students
Adelheid Kreiner-Rodler, Ärztezentrale Drucksortenverlag
Esther Mitterstieler und Eva Komarek, WirtschaftsBlatt


Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award:


Meinhard Platzer, Dambisa Moyo, Barbara Kolm, Foto courtesy of Christopher Ohmeyer.

It was the pleasure of the Gala´s hosts Barbara Kolm and Meinhard Platzer to present this year´s guest of honour Dambisa Moyo the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dambisa Moyo, economist and best-selling author has worked on questions of development and growth. Her expertise represents an invaluable contribution to public understanding of economics – especially for the young generation an important reference.

230 guests listened to Dambisa Moyo´s remarkable key note and a laudatio held by Chris Tally, president of Liberty Fund Inc. Thanks to Franz Portisch and the board of the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut all guests were provided with a copy of Dambisa Moyo´s bestseller Dead Aid.


members of the boards of Austrian Economics Center, Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut, Liberty Fund and LGT from left to right: first row Meinhard Platzer, Dambisa Moyo, Barbara Kolm, back row: Georg Vetter, Hardy Bouillon, Emil Hierhold, Markus Tomaschitz, Richard Zundritsch, Franz Eduard Kühnel und Chris Tally Foto courtesy of Christopher Ohmeyer.


Impact & Follow-up

The Gala event was attended by 230 people. Among the guests attending the Gala were Michael Losch (BMWFJ), Monica Rintersbacher (Leitbetriebe), Alberto Carnero Fernandez (embassador of the Kingdom of Spain), Gustav Dressler (3 Banken Generali), Doug DenUyl (Liberty Fund), Peter Kubesch (Peugeot Austria GmbH) and Axel Schmidgall (Aristophil GmbH).

The entire Gala event was covered by Austrian media outlets, including Wirtschaftsblatt.

The press conference was attended by representatives of WirtschaftsBlatt, Die Presse, Salzburger Nachrichten and APA. Until today we spot reports both of the gala event and the press conference in WirtschaftsBlatt, Der Standard, WdF Magazin, Die Presse.